Mum’s Gallery

  1. Adjust images
  2. Index images using photo info
  3. Add photo info to catalogue (remember you can fill/populate down by dragging the green circle)
  4. Export photos to iCloud Drive shared folder
  5. Run ./ in ~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Photos for Mark
     rm -r webp thumbnails
     mkdir webp thumbnails
     rm gallery.yml
     for file in *.jpeg; do cwebp -q 80 "$file" -o "webp/${file%.jpeg}.webp"; done
     for file in webp/*.webp; do just_file="${file#webp/}";file_without_suffix="${just_file%.webp}"; printf "\055 filename: ${just_file}\n  name: ${file_without_suffix}, \n" >> gallery.yml; if [[ $file_without_suffix =~ ^SCC[[:digit:]]{3}$ ]]; then echo "  id: ${file_without_suffix}" >> gallery.yml; fi; printf "\n" >> gallery.yml; done
     for file in webp/*.webp; do convert -resize 200x200 "${file}" "thumbnails/${file#webp/}"; done
     mv webp/*.webp ~/Documents/workspace/
     mv thumbnails/*.webp ~/Documents/workspace/
     cat gallery.yml
  6. Add YML to photo_highlights.yml and populate names